Africa Food Safety Initiative

The Africa Food Safety Initiative (AFSI) is a program to support African Regional Economic Communities and the African continent represented by the Africa Union to attain the capacity to meet international agricultural trade standards.

AFSI focuses on science-based regulatory frameworks including those for harmonization and convergence of sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) standards, of maximum pesticide residue levels (MRLs), and other food safety measures. These activities benefit farmers and consumers, while sustaining the environment and economies.


Plant Health Phytosanitary Program: West Africa (2019-2022)

AFSI is providing technical assistance to the West Africa region to increase governmental capacity to meet international phytosanitary standards. The project provides technical training to the National Plant Protection Officers (or their delegates), supports international collaboration among member countries. AFSI works to enhance the ability for West Africa to work collectively as a region to harmonize standards and procedures to better facilitate trade. These efforts will help West African countries protect human, plant and animal health, and achieve their objectives under the African Continental Free Trade Area and contributions to the African Union’s Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Policy Framework for Africa.

A Kenyan coffee farmer holding freshly harvested organic fair trade coffee cherries from the coffee plant.

Plant Health Phytosanitary Program: East Africa (2019-2022)

AFSI works to stimulate and support the capacity of EAC countries to adopt and implement international phytosanitary standards and improve trade and food security in the region. The activities supported by AFSI enhance the ability for EAC countries to work collectively as a region to harmonize standards, including procedures to better facilitate trade and prevent unnecessary delays and rejections at regional border crossings.

West Africa: Food Safety Program (2020-2024)

The AFSI program works with ECOWAS to strengthen and refine the Network of Food Safety Actors (“Network”), established in 2015, and provides support to their coordination efforts within the region, including annual Network meetings and outreach to improve communication between Member States on food safety concerns. AFSI assists with coordination within the network and with other existing regional bodies, such as the West Africa Pesticide Regional Committee (WAPRC). The network of regulators involved in food safety is complex…

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